Challenge: Coming Across as a Unique Talent

🚀 Challenge 🚀


Thank you for being an expert for PLACE, it’s fantastic to have you with us to promote migrant-led innovation.

We hope you enjoy your evaluation session here with us, and we’ll see you on the other side for the LIVE expert session where you will meet and share tips with the Catalysts, and discover their resilience and enthusiasm live!

What’s the context of the evaluation?


The Catalysts went through a “Challenge” with PLACE: a 2-hour interactive learning experience online.

As a roleplay, they were taking part in the recruitment process of GoToHarvest – a fictional company that has been created by PLACE to enable role-play based immersive learning. In order to be hired at GoToHarvest, they needed to produce a video profile (1’30 – 2′ in length) that answers these five questions: 

1. What role are you applying to at GoToHarvest?
2. What skills can you bring in this role?
3. How do you want to grow professionally in GoToHarvest?
4. What personal values will you bring to GoToHarvest? And how do you want to bring them to life?
5. What leadership features do you have?

The video profiles, produced during the Challenge, are now to be evaluated by you, as an industry expert.

During the Challenge the Catalysts had access to two videos: 

  • The presentation of GoToHarvest 
  • An expert brief that outlines what the video will be evaluated on. 

We have included them both here for your reference. 


The presentation of GoToHarvest

This is the brief that the Catalysts received for the challenge

Guidelines on evaluation scale… should you need it (or trust your instinct!)


Their talents, ideas and skills meet the company culture and contribute to addressing the challenges of the organisation

Remarkably observed: Skills, growth ambition, values and leadership style, and how they correspond to company goals, come across very strongly

Observed: Skills, growth ambition, values and leadership style come across and the connection to the company is there

Insufficiently observed: Skills, growth ambition, values and leadership style were communicated, but no connection was made with the company

Not observed: The skills, growth ambition, values and leadership style were not communicated and not connection was made with the company

Clarity of goal:

A growth mindset that is demonstrated through clear goals for professional development 

Remarkably observed: Completely convincing expression of goals

Observed: Articulate and sequenced expression of goal

Insufficiently observed: Vision is shared but no clear road to success (time, sequences)

Not observed: You cannot understand where they are heading


A concise and clear message and a general comfort with digital tools

Remarkably observed: Their engagement with the audience makes consistent focus on them easy

Observed: They are up to codes (rules, dress code, formality, presence) and show some engagement with the audience

Insufficiently observed: They show unawareness of professional codes and discomfort with the digital tools

Not observed: They are not in control of their body language (incapacitating fear, hesitation, lack of preparation and/or awareness)