Miora, explorer of learning and longevity

A bold prototyper and relentless believer in the mantra of “build, test, destroy, repeat”, Miora brings agility and insights to all the projects she leads. 

As the Learning Manager for My Image, My Story, Miora was responsible for prototyping PLACE’s first program solely dedicated to storytelling and leadership. With a team of expert facilitators from different sectors, Miora set out to discover the most effective and empowering way to nourish inspiring newcomer stories so that they can reach ears and eyes in need. Together with Wow!Labs, Miora designed immersive learning experiences that maintained a constant connection between the digital and analog world to develop the public speaking & social media skills and body intelligence of the diverse group of PLACE Catalysts. 

In parallel to supporting the Catalysts as they explored their unique stories, Miora has been developing her own project, Eunoia. Eunoia specializes in tackling challenges related to longevity. Inspired by the societal shift Europe is facing, Miora created Eunoia to contribute to building work environments where family caregivers can grow and inspire a form of leadership that welcomes vulnerability. 

Before joining the PLACE team, Miora has coached hundreds of startups through her work with Danone, The School of Life and La Ruche