Siba, a creator of safe spaces

One day when Siba was teaching, one of her students asked if she would like to be her mother.

She was shocked, she was moved, she was worried.

The challenges faced by children in their personal lives reflect directly on their behaviour towards learning. As a teacher, Siba invests classroom time to have tough discussions that go beyond mathematics and geography. She creates a space of trust where bonding can emerge. Only from that point can learning happen. 

Siba is a passionate advocate of the need for learning to be considered as a holistic act, with parents, brothers, sisters and teachers collaborating. Be it in her native Sudan or in her new home in Paris, she brings a fresh conversation about the need to intentionally create environments of care and purpose for children’s full development to take place.

Siba has been taking ownership of her story. As she navigates the future of education, she is one of many newcomers lending her voice to this rapidly changing sector.