Leadership & the Arts

Jason Moran and Q-Tip: Leading other artists and teams.
Source: Times Magazine

Know how to harness intrinsic and extrinsic motivations

How to motivate your team and navigate uncertain waters in the art world. Read the full article here

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Practical tips to inspire a team everyday

Keeping in mind the daily routines to motivate your team

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Creating impactful organizations

Tapping into and nurturing a culture of collective effort that can last even in times of setback and uncertainty.

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Developing empowering environments

Dumping the misrepresentations of what makes people give their best potential to an organization and getting it right
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Leading others (and oneself) to continuous progress

Mastering the art of feedback to lead and role model a culture of joyful learning and achievement (vs compliance)

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Leading others clearly: objectives & key results

Inspiring others to achieve thanks to OKRs

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JR: when empowering others becomes an art and a weapon

Leading others means trusting them to making your vision their own and translating it into their own contexts. That is what JR does with his participative art. His leadership is unique as it plays with rules, his own discretion and giving space to underrepresented faces. It has become a significant form of influence…

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Challenge ramp-up!

In case you missed the challenge

Here are the key moments recorded for you so you can catch up!

Challenge #4: Leading Others

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