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A career accelerator based on Innovation
and Future of Work skills

A next-generation acceleration program for aspirational women with refugee and migrant backgrounds to acquire both entrepreneurial and employment skills.


Fast Forward logo

A career accelerator based on Innovation
and Future of Work skills

A next-generation acceleration program for aspirational women with refugee and migrant backgrounds to acquire both entrepreneurial and employment skills.

PLACE has been offering entrepreneurship and business programs since 2016. Now, we are merging two programs, UP COLLECTIVE and FAST FORWARD, to create a career accelerator focused on innovation. This integration combines the expertise of UP COLLECTIVE with the employment opportunities of FAST FORWARD, providing participants with more chances for professional growth. The program aims to develop a versatile skill set for both business endeavors and traditional employment, incorporating entrepreneurial and business competencies.

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How does it work? 

Fast forward has been designed to enable newcomer women to acquire the skills they need for jobs of the future, whether in entrepreneurship, employment, or a combination of both. During this 7-month program, through next-generation learning techniques and events, 25 participants from diverse backgrounds will be selected to bring their unique experience and capacity to the next level. 

The program features regular online and in-person learning events that cultivate essential transversal skills for entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial paths.

Throughout the program, participants will access regular networking opportunities within the vibrant Paris innovation ecosystem, receive personalised guidance and support with a dedicated coach, and engage in autonomous learning through online resources and an activity book, enabling ownership of their career development.

An average commitment of 6 hours a month is necessary for the program, and is compatible with candidates who have full time obligations.

What Drives Success: The Program’s Pathways

Developed transversal skills that are applicable to entrepreneurship and employment in an innovative company

Acquired professional codes that are essential for accelerating the job search and promotion process

Made professional contacts in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in Paris

Articulated clear career goals and created an actionable roadmap to achieve those goals


In response to the changing demands of the job market, such as higher demand for entrepreneurial profiles, increased flexibility with working norms, and rising innovative practices, PLACE and it’s partners have proactively decided to merge two existing programs: UP COLLECTIVE and FAST FORWARD.

By combining these programs, PLACE aims to overcome the limitations of traditional incubators and create a career accelerator with a strong emphasis on innovation. UP COLLECTIVE ensures the seamless integration of the Paris incubator ecosystem into the FAST FORWARD framework aimed at allowing newcomer women wider access to the French private sector. This integration will allow participants to benefit from both the entrepreneurial expertise and resources of UP COLLECTIVE, as well as the employment opportunities provided by FAST FORWARD.

The new 2023 – 2024 Fast Forward fellowship program, designed specifically for aspirational women newcomers to France, will develop a well-rounded skill set that is applicable to both entrepreneurial endeavors and employment in the corporate world. Recognizing the importance of acquiring both entrepreneurial and employment competencies, our program will provide the necessary support to cultivate these skills. This will enable participants to adapt and thrive in a dynamic job market, regardless of their chosen career path, and fast-track their careers in innovation.

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Why do we need FastForward? 

Women with a background of migration are often faced with a so-called ‘double disadvantage’ within Europe, causing a significantly high rate of unemployment. By adopting a combined approach to career skills development, newcomer women can dramatically increase their chances to find meaningful employment. We are combining Up Collective with Fast Forward because our research has found that:

  • The majority of graduates from incubator programs do not end up establishing their companies and turn towards employment
  • Having an entrepreneurial mindset helps develop a deeper understanding of the B2B sector

Inclusion of newcomer women in the workforce is also a game-changer for the corporate sector:

racially and ethnically diverse companies outperform industry norms by 35%

inclusive organizations are
1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their market

organizations with diverse teams are 158% more likely to better design solutions for diverse groups

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