A pre-incubation program for newcomers willing to become entrepreneurs and start a business in France!

A pre-incubation program for newcomers willing to become entrepreneurs and start a business in France!

For the fifth year in Paris, Up Collective is being led by PLACE, a start-up specialized in accelerating newcomer talent, and Ben & Jerry’s, a global social enterprise with impact at its core.

Up Collective is a European program run in France, the UK and the Netherlands, that aims to support refugee entrepreneurs in developing their financial autonomy through entrepreneurship and employment. This is done through a unique mix of intensive design-based training, the possibility to access a dedicated coach, and opportunities for employment or internships.

How does Up Collective work?

From September 2023 to March 2024, Up Collective will merge with Fast Forward, to support 30 women newcomers to fast-track their careers in the innovation sector and find meaningful employment.


Opportunities to take part in next-generation online and in-person learning events will also be provided to cultivate transversal skills for both the entrepreneurial mindset as well as more traditional employment in the corporate world.


Throughout the program, participants will receive:

  • A series of professional training opportunities to develop the necessary skills for their personal career goals
  • Opportunities to develop their innovative entrepreneurial projects
  • Personalised guidance and support through monthly calls with a dedicated coach
  • Opportunities to grow their network in a vibrant innovation ecosystem
  • A global community of peers who can offer you support, connections, and friendships for a lifetime

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We are looking for experts from around the globe to coach newcomers in Europe to take on meaningful roles in the corporate sector or create meaningful and sustainable businesses. Does this sound like you?

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