Abdullah, a tech-savvy teacher in the era of the gig economy

The urban/rural divide is a growing source of conflict and division globally.

Access to health care, culture, meaningful work, equal pay and education are common themes found across these regional divides throughout the world. 

Abdullah, who hails from the rural region of West Darfur in Sudan, aims to bridge this divide through technology and adapted learning methodologies.

His current project aims to develop the digital literacy and coding skills of youth, coupled with basic entrepreneurial training through an online/offline platform, and promote their work through the growing gig economy to develop their economic stability and autonomy.

Abdullah is an active member of the PLACE communityThrough the diversity of the community, he is developing a holistic understanding of the economic and skill acquisition needs of newcomers. Equipped with an understanding of his future users, Abdullah plans to pilot his solution in France prior to expanding to new geographies.