Illustration : Life long alliance against prejudice Marilyn Monroe Elle Fitzgerald

Successful network interactions: tips from pros

Avoid common mistakes when interacting with a person who could be an asset
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Learning how to make a proposal someone cannot refuse

Understanding why negotiation techniques help to ask for what you really need from your allies

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Navigating power and interests with a map

Guiding your decision on who to engage an alliance with

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Getting alliances right

Successful alliance strategies
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How a relationship forms for lasting success

Iconic partnerships make iconic successes. From Motown “bubblegum” to disrupting the pop music industry… How did two very different personalities chose each other?

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Alliances as a key to evolution

We see alliances in business, but we forget that the natural environment we benefit from is a result of smart alliances only nature knows how to do. How different species cooperate is an infinite source of inspiration.

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Understanding long term interests

A converge of players of art, business and hospitality when it comes to sustainability and commuity

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