Challenge: Leading Others

🚀 Challenge 🚀

Leading Others

Thank you for being an expert for PLACE, it’s fantastic to have you with us to promote migrant-led innovation.

We hope you enjoyed the LIVE expert session where you met and shared tips with the Catalysts, and discovered their resilience and enthusiasm live!

Please share your evaluation here with us, so we can monitor the Catalysts’ progress and help them build a sky-rocketing career! 

What’s the context of the evaluation?

The Catalysts went through a “Challenge” with PLACE: a 2.5hour interactive online learning experience.

The Challenge is based on roleplay within the context of a fictional company, GoToHarvest. As an employee of GoToHarvest, the Catalysts have been working as a full-time project managers for the past year. Managing a team of 5 people, they have demonstrated strong leadership by taking the project to a level where its relevance is abundantly clear. As team leaders, the Catalysts prepared a 2 minute team speech to communicate the outlook for the coming year, including objectives for the project, team performance, and work environment.

  • Inspire – stimulating goals for the organization are set 
  • Achieve – the team is in the right position for meaningful collective performance
  • Empower – a clear commitment from the leader on what they will change and bring to make this work


During the Challenge the Catalysts had access to to the following resources: 

  • The presentation of GoToHarvest 
  • A brief that outlines what the leadership speech will be evaluated on
  • The 4 potential projects that they can lead 

We have included them here for your reference. 

Presentation of GoToHarvest

This is the expert brief

These are the potential projects

Guidelines on the evaluation scale… should you need it (or trust your instinct!)

Inspire: express stimulating goals for the organization

Remarkably observed: Objectives are clear and bring the organization closer to its bigger purpose.

Observed: Objectives are clear and concrete. Team knows how to participate to the bigger picture.

Insufficiently observed: Objectives are expressed but not linked enough to the overall success.

Not observed: Objectives are disconnected with the team motivation.

Achieve: set reachable collective performance

Remarkably observed: team’s success seems within reach and offers positive growth for the team.

Observed: team’s success is clear, they identify with priorities for the business and their targets

Insufficiently observed: team dynamic is described but lacks solidity to support success.

Not observed: Collective performance is disconnected from realism about team past and potential.

Empower: commit to what you will change and bring to make this work

Remarkably observed: leader role models change, and articulates motivational and organizational needs support success.

Observed: leader identifies key elements he/she needs to provide for success to be reached.

Insufficiently observed: leader answers team needs superficially and misses essential ones.

Not observed: leader lacks both self awareness and empathy to embody change and grow others.