Celebrating new stories and new leaders

Come discover the Catalysts who are driving change through their powerful stories. 

Over the past four months the 16 Catalysts of My Image, My Story, PLACE’s first storytelling and leadership program, have challenged themselves, individually and collectively, to deliver a strong vision of who they are, and to bring new inspiring and attractive narratives to Europe.

Their powerful stories have a tendency to make people travel. From the streets of Yemen to the runways of Paris. From the simplicity of yesterday to the complexity of the future. 

Discover and connect with the Catalysts around talks, experiences and purposeful interactions that are co-designed with PLACE to display their talents, to give a taste of the goals they want to achieve, and that will make you eager to know more. Let yourself be surprised and join us on Monday January 20th at CO 18 (15 Rue Esclangon, 75018 Paris) From 7pm to 22pm. Doors will open at 6:30pm

PS: Did we mention it’s also our end-of-year celebration? Come dance with us, you know you want to!

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