Challenge: Allies on Board

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Allies on Board

Thank you for being an expert for PLACE, it’s fantastic to have you with us to promote migrant-led innovation.

We hope you enjoy connecting with the Catalysts. Your tips and insights are key in the development of a growth mindset and the Catalysts are eager to get your final evaluation!


What’s the context of the evaluation?

The Catalysts went through a “Challenge” with PLACE: a 2.5 hour interactive learning experience online.

The Challenge is based on roleplay within the context of a fictional company, GoToHarvest. As an employee of GoToHarvest, the Catalyst has been leading a sustainability pilot for the last six months. Their pilot has been going well and they are nearing the end of the trial phase. However, in order to ensure the continuity of their pilot and turn it into core operations of the company, they need support. Before it can turn into a long-standing project, they need people who will vouch for them and the relevance of their work. 

The Catalysts have been invited to the annual GoToHarvest convention where they have the opportunity to network with people from across departments, levels of seniority and geographies. It is an excellent opportunity to build alliances and find a champion who will support them in bringing their pilot to the next level.  Among 3 suitable profiles met at the event, they picked one, and set up a meeting before the end of the convention to convince them to become their champion. 

You are helping them rehearse this meeting by giving them feedback on a 2-minute alliance proposal they prepared to lay the foundation of the alliance. The alliance proposal must include the following points:

  • A shared idea of success that meets the interests of both parties
  • A demonstration of the complementary nature of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Details of a structured relationship that allows the champion to commit in practice


During the Challenge the Catalysts had access to to the following resources

  • The presentation of GoToHarvest 
  • A brief that outlines what the alliance proposal will be evaluated on
  • The pre-selected pilots (as a reference from a previous Challenge)
  • The potential mentor profiles 

We have included them here for your reference. 

Presentation of GoToHarvest

This is the mentors profiles

These are the pre-selected pilots

Guidelines on the evaluation scale… should you need it (or trust your instinct!)

Shared success:
Guide towards the same idea of success

Remarkably observed: Understanding of what the shared vision is, makes no doubt, and generates enthusiasm.

Observed: Convergence of shared vision is perceptible and consensus is reachable.

Insufficiently observed: The convergence is perceptible, but alignment on success is not.

Not observed: The gap between the visions of both parties is too big.

Communicate the strengths that can be brought together and how weaknesses will be overcome

Remarkably observed: Mutual assets are laid out and the resulting strength looks promising.

Observed: Mutual assets are laid out and meet essential needs. 

Insufficiently observed: Mutual assets are laid out, but are not taking either party to the next level.

Not observed: Mutual assets do not seem to match the needs for success. 

Formalize a fair deal to start off for the long term

Remarkably observed: The deal (what, who, how) is endorsed extensively with strong ownership.

Observed: The deal (what, who, how) covers essential steps and offers security to both parties.

Insufficiently observed: The deal lacks the frame that offers security to both parties.

Not observed: There is no show of how the deal can be sealed and kicked off.