Cultivating rich networks remotely

Coming out on the other side of the lockdown and into the new normal, we are not necessarily jumping back into the office. Remote working is here to stay – and with it comes a new skill to be mastered – remote networking. Networking is increasingly essential in the future of work. As we change the way we network, we have an opportunity to improve the shortcomings of past networking tactics. We have an opportunity to double up the need for networks and diversity, and come out stronger and more resilient in the future of work.

Networks have been historically built through three key areas – studies, places of work and networking events. The first two have systematic diversity barriers, with colleagues and alma mater often coming from the same sector and similar backgrounds. Meanwhile networking events – be they conferences, summits or demonstrations, despite the potential to bring diverse groups together, have often fallen short in terms of diverse representation. When you add all these up you often find homogeneous networks and the dreaded ‘group think’ – a stifler of innovation and growth. 

With career linearity more and more uncommon, networks are increasingly important for feeding one’s ideas, career orientations, and opportunities. When a network is complete with diverse sectors, cultures and geographies, the opportunities are multiplied. In short – networks are a big deal, but having a diverse network in a bigger deal.

While you are still adjusting to the in’s and out’s of remote networking, SINGA has created a solution that will make building, and diversifying your network as easy as calling an old friend. SINGA is a global organization that creates meaningful connections between newcomers and members of host society. During the global lockdown, they launched Allomondo, a platform that matches and connects newcomers and members of host society with common interests. After filling out a survey, people are matched and given access to a secure line where they can connect over a video call. 

Since the launch of Allomondo  in April 2020, more than 400 people have been connected through Allomondo. The conversations range from well-being, to career development post-covid, to linguistic exchanges – there is always an interest in common.

The growth of remote networking is an opportunity – an opportunity to build our networks beyond the confines of space and time. Rich connections, opportunities for personal growth and bold new ideas have never been more accessible from the saftey and comfort of one’s own home, wherever that may be.