Challenge: Online influence

Thank you for being an expert for PLACE, it’s fantastic to have you with us to promote migrant-led innovation.

🚀 Challenge 🚀

Online Influence

Thank you for being an expert for PLACE, it’s fantastic to have you with us to promote migrant-led innovation.

Catalysts are very eager to get your evaluation! 
What’s the context of the evaluation?

The Catalysts went through a “Challenge” with PLACE: a 2-hour interactive learning experience online.

They were invited to a creative digital campaign sprint at the media company Ogilvy headquarters. They had to develop a campaign idea that would push the agenda of their organization and the topic they stand for, and put it together in a demo tool to present the potential influence to the Ogilvy creative team.

You are helping them focus on how to maximize the chances for influence of their campaign by giving them feedback on the 2-minute delivery to the creative team.

This is the brief that the Catalysts received for the challenge

Guidelines on evaluation scale… should you need it (or trust your instinct!)

Call to action: make your audience DO something

Remarkably observed: Followers know what to do and see how it makes their action valuable

Observed: Followers know what to do and find it appealing

Insufficiently observed: Followers understand the cause but the action is unclear or difficult to do

Not observed: There is a general idea but no action

Virality: incentivize your audience to reach out to others

Remarkably observed: Followers are equipped with exciting tools to engage their networks

Observed: Followers have the minimum tools to engage in a conversation such as #hashtag

Insufficiently observed: Followers are encouraged to reach out but lack the appropriate tools

Not observed: Followers are left without incentives to go beyond their own action

Impact: create excitement about the tangible result for change to happen

Remarkably observed: Followers see the quantitative and/or qualitative result they can be proud of

Observed: Followers can express in a concrete way what they contributed to

Insufficiently observed: Followers understand the broad idea they support but not the result

Not observed: Followers are not able to see how they had an impact through this campaign