Challenge: Online Influence

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Online Influence

Thank you for being an expert for PLACE, it’s fantastic to have you with us to promote migrant-led innovation.

We hope you enjoy connecting with the Catalysts. Your tips and insights are key in the development of a growth mindset and the Catalysts are eager to get your final evaluation!


What’s the context of the evaluation?

The Catalysts went through a “Challenge” with PLACE: a 2.5 hour interactive learning experience online.

The Challenge is based on roleplay within the context of a fictional company, GoToHarvest. The Catalyst has been working at the company for two years as a Project Manager – they have achieved good results and are recognized as a leader in the company. There are four potential projects that the Catalysts may be leading – you can find this under the section “Potential Projects”. 

The Senior Management at the European Head Office of GoToHarvest would like to see this project expanded to the Middle East and Northern (MENA) Africa Head Office. But before it can be expanded, there needs to be proven interest in the project by local colleagues – who will eventually be leading the project locally. In order to create traction around the project, the Catalyst has been tasked with actively communicating about their work on the internal social media platform Workplace (i.e. a Facebook-like platform for company employees). Before they start posting they need to present their social media strategy to senior management through a 2-minute oral presentation. You are helping them rehearse for this meeting.

The presentation must include the following points:

  • What they are trying to achieve  
  • The targeted audience
  • The content format 
  • The key messages

During the Challenge the Catalysts had access to to the following resources: 

  • The presentation of GoToHarvest 
  • An expert brief that outlines what the video will be evaluated on
  • The potential projects

We have included them here for your reference. 

Presentation of GoToHarvest

This is the expert brief

These are the potential projects

Guidelines on the evaluation scale… should you need it (or trust your instinct!)

Curated message: the key messages are aligned with what they are trying to achieve

Remarkably observed: the key messages of the strategy are aligned with what they are trying to achieve and will inspire others to act 

Observed: the messages are aligned to the intended impact, but would fall short of inspiring others to act  

Insufficiently observed: the work sounds interesting, but the key messages are not aligned with what they are trying to achieve  

Not observed: The message is not clear and does not inspire a desire to know more

Targeted content: tone and content type are adapted to the audience

Remarkably observed: The tone, content type and content delivery are adapted to the message and the audiences needs 

Observed: The tone, content type and content delivery are adapted to the message, but not necessarily the audiences needs (or vice versa)

Insufficiently observed: The tone and content type are complementary, but do not match the needs of the message or the audience 

Not observed: The tone & content type are not adapted or complementary

Thought leadership: create excitement about the tangible result for change to happen

Remarkably observed: This is someone who can get people excited about the subject at hand and inspired them to act 

Observed: This is someone who can get people interested about the subject at hand  

Insufficiently observed: This is someone who can speak about the subject at hand, but who would not bring in new followers 

Not observed: This is someone who is not best suited to carry this message