Get involved and make a positive impact in the lives of newcomers by joining our community initiative to support their integration and help them find their place in the host society. Be a part of the solution and create a welcoming environment for all.

PLACE accelerates and leverages the innovation newcomers bring to Europe

PLACE champions migrant-led innovation: since 2016, we offer transformative and innovative learning experiences to newcomers and host societies, while also giving newcomers space for self-determination to find their version of power.

We do this through designing and running programs and events, from our flagship pop-up innovation labs in European capitals to 9-month fellowships online, from public events to retreats, hackathons, training of trainers, exhibitions and more. Our formats are migrant-led, apply next-generation learning methodologies and edtech, and involve groups from 10 to 100 people. They all share one aim: create the link in practice between migration and innovation in the sectors concerned.

HereĀ  i found a group that sees virtues in me that i was never aware of and that with feedback came to light. they have given me confidence.


CITM 2020

When i applies to the Ice Academy i was looking for an opportunity to turn my idea into a reality. at that time i felt that my idea was ready to take shape, but little did i know how much my idea would transform over the course of the program.


Ice Academy 2020

When Emerging Leaders began, we the Catalysts felt disconnected from society we live in and aspiring to buil great projects in our home countries. we were not connected to the spaces and networks we need, through Emerging Leaders we became connected, our aspirations and ideas became more engaging to our new society and France.


Emerging Leaders 2020

In 2018, i have developed my self, confidence to express my own hopes and dreams even more, and with PLACE i acquires the tools to make those a reality. these tools have given me a boost to push me forward.


Place Catalyst