PLACE is a Paris-based start-up that unlocks the potential of newcomer talent for Europe through leadership and innovation.

How we unlock newcomer talent

We source & match talent 

Our multicultural, agile team is in a unique position of being a bridge between 

  • cutting-edge networks and organizations getting ready for the future and who need diverse talent
  • and newcomer communities, where we can source rare talent with fresh eyes and unique potential to contribute to ambitious organizations

We are the place where they meet.

Through intercultural training, next-generation coaching and more, we ensure the organizations become first of the class in leveraging newcomer talent for their own performance. 

We accelerate talent

We enable newcomer talents to acquire the future-facing skills they need to prove their resilience and value in our changing economies. 

In collaboration with leading industry-specific actors, we provide certification, skill acceleration and network penetration for newcomer talents. Our strength lies in the next-generation learning methodologies we create, which combine innovation labs, blended learning and immersive experiences.

The output: future-proof talent with unique points of view that are ready to lead across sectors. 

Our areas of focus:

Public Leadership


Media & the arts 



We change the narrative

We create stories and immersive experiences that actively change the perception of migration in host societies. Through our platform Stories of place, we curate rich content filled with insights and data on the intersection of migration and innovation. In Paris, Berlin and London we create nomadic, immersive spaces where actors across sectors can experience migration differently.



A collective of private, public and civil society actors that enable the economic potential of migrants and refugees to emerge

The place team

9 nationalities, 4 continents and 14 languages… we come from all walks of life, but here are a few points we have in common:


Sarah Ann McRae

Head of Business Development

Léa Drougard


Michele Caleffi

Co-founder & Head of Design

Devika Singh

Head of Programs

\ We care above all about people 

\ We are perfectionists, self-motivated and relentless until we get results

\ We communicate openly and honestly

\ We need playfulness and challenges

\ We breathe through feedback

\ We put results and the team first 

\ We excel at working across locations and cultures


Charlotte Hochman

Co-founder & Head of Innovation

Shawgi Ahmed

Talent Coordinator

Miora Ranaivoarinosy

Learning Manager

Axelle Roi

Partnerships Acquisition Lead

Yazen Waked

Co-founder & Talent Expert


PLACE Crew are leaders from migrant and refugee backgrounds who take on the responsibility of diffusing the essential future of work skills to the larger newcomer community. They represent the exceptional and rare talent that migration brings to host societies. Trained on leadership, interculturality, innovation, facilitation & event production, sourcing of diverse talent and new models of community animation they work alongside the PLACE team in leading next-generation trainings and undergo certification with PLACE. 


Rohullah Sidiqullah

Sobi Pillai



Hanane Eljibiri





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