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PLACE is a Paris-based start-up that unlocks the hidden opportunities of newcomer talent in Europe and matches it with economic actors in the areas of entrepreneurship, employment and higher education.
It is born of the collaboration between PLACEmakers: actors from different sectors and countries who need newcomer talent to thrive.
Its core value is
migrant-led innovation: newcomers developing themselves the value that host societies need.

3 things we do really well
with newcomer talent


we identify talent

We source newcomer talent in response to the needs of PLACEmakers.
These needs can be jobs (part-time or full-time), students for higher education, entrepreneurs for incubators, artists for residencies… the sky’s the limit, as is the potential of newcomer talent!
Our multilingual, multicultural team have a unique capacity to penetrate local informal networks to find the hidden gems wherever they are.


we boost talent

Our unique Catalyst Academy prepares newcomer talent with Future of Work skills, along 4 tracks: Leadership, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 

All Catalysts in the Academy have an economic opportunity (job, studies or incubation)  and take part in our immersive out-of-the-box training which prepares them for the Future of Work. We’re led by a strong design culture which has its roots in the innovation studio that founded PLACE and develops its curriculum.

we match talent

Organizations have unique needs when it comes to talent.
The Catalyst Academy enables us to work closely with specific PLACEmakers to shape the talent they need for their organizations to thrive.
PLACEmakers invest in talent through PLACE, and we work with PLACEmakers to make them future-ready. Through intercultural trainings, mentoring and more, they become first of the class in leveraging newcomer talent for their own performance.


Doers across sectors who are turning Europe into a place
where migrant-led innovation happens naturally

Interested in joining the placemakers’ collective?

The place team

8 nationalities, 4 continents and 14 languages… we come from all walks of life, but here are a few points we have in common:

\ We care above all about people

\ We are perfectionists, self-motivated and relentless until we get results

\ We communicate openly and honestly

\ We need playfulness and challenges

\ We breathe through feedback

\ We put results and the team first

\ We excel at working across locations and cultures

Devika Singh

Head of Programs

LĂ©a Drougard

Design & Events Coordinator

HaĂŻrat Assoumani

Assistant Manager

Shawgi Ahmed

Public Leadership Program Manager

Christophe Khabouth

Entrepreneurship Program Manager

Sophie Gholami

Community Animator

Rayan Badaoui

Social Media Manager

Sedera Ranaivoarinosy

Communications Manager

Hugo Pilate

Business Program Manager

Miora Ranaivoarinosy

Event Host

Razan Ismail

Catalyst Manager

Carrie So Lai Kai

Sourcing Manager

Michele Caleffi

Co-founder & Head of Design

Charlotte Hochman

Co-founder & Head of Innovation

Yazen Waked

Co-founder & Talent Expert

Join the team


1/5 - As 2021 ends, we reflect on 2 milestones for PLACE & our program Emerging Leaders: receiving the @UNAOC and @BMWGroup's #interculturalinnovation Award and our celebration of newcomer leadership, #LeadTheChange, which took place on Nov. 23
And the curtain closes on #LeadTheChange! Thank you to everyone who joined us in this event that was as enlightening as it was enriching!

Let's keep growing together!

#EmergingLeaders #WeBelieveInNew #PublicLeadership #ResponsibleLeadership
"No wishful thinking, just hard work: we ask that #EmergingLeaders fill these spaces with who you are" ~ Charlotte Hochman, co-founder of PLACE Network

#LeadTheChange #WeBelieveInNew #PublicLeadership #ResponsibleLeadership
network_place photo
"What's very clear is that we have ingredients that work to create new powerful voices." ~ Charlotte Hochman, co-founder of PLACE Network

#LeadTheChange #EmergingLeaders #PublicLeadership #ResponsibleLeadership #WeBelieveInNew
network_place photo
" #EmergingLeaders has shown me how much you [the Catalysts] contribute to the greatness that is #Europe [...] You are all citizens of Europe" ~ Markus Hipp @bmwfoundation

#LeadTheChange #WeBelieveInNew #PublicLeadership #ResponsibleLeadership
network_place photo
"It's one thing to go down the road. It's another, much more difficult thing to pave your road through a mountain, and that's what #EmergingLeaders are doing." ~ Anila Noor @EucEuropean

#LeadTheChange #WeBelieveInNew #ResponsibleLeadership #PublicLeadership
network_place photo

Facebook feed

Tu es un.e nouvel.le arrivant.e en Europe qui s’intéresse à l’élaboration des #politiques et à l’#engagementsocial !

Tu souhaites partager tes idées et tes connaissances avec les décisionnaires locaux !

Alors rejoins-nous!

L'Incubateur Emerging Leaders est une plateforme de PLACE Network visant à développer la transformation du secteur du Leadership Public en Europe. Cet incubateur identifie et valorise les nouveaux.elles leaders qui œuvrent pour un changement positif en Europe.

Quelles sont les caractéristiques que nous recherchons ?

- Être un.e nouvel.le arrivant.e (étudiant.e internationaux, réfugié.e, migrant.e économique)
- Idéalement basé dans Est Ensemble (Bagnolet Bobigny, Bondy, Le Pré Saint-Gervais, Les Lilas, Montreuil, Noisy-Le-Sec, Pantin, Romainville) ou autres villes en Ile de France
- Avoir environ 2-3 ans d'expérience dans le domaine du Leadership Public et dans l’engagement civique (par exemple: être engagé et soutenir une organisation qui travaille sur l’intégration de la démocratie pour les groupes non privilégiés)

Si tu souhaites faire partie du programme, candidate en remplissant ce formulaire :
Happy new year! 🎊
We are happy to keep working hand in hand with you for another year, pushing the boundaries to shift the narrative around migration and newcomer talent! 🌱
👉 2021 was a stand-out year for PLACE, filled with motivated Catalysts, new programs and the @UNAOC’s Intercultural Innovation Award.
👉 May 2022 bring even more people together to amplify the diverse voices working to solve the challenges our world is facing.💭
Let’s stay in touch: follow us and subscribe to our newsletter👇

#migrantledinnovation #equality #inspiration #2022 #newyearvision #newcomers #europe #leadership #innovation #newcomerstalent
This #internationalmigrantsday , we celebrate the voices of newcomer leaders!

We celebrate the innovation they bring to Europe, their impact in tackling complex world challenges and their influence in reshaping what it means to be a leader.

But we can do more to accelerate newcomer leadership: wherever we are, whatever our skills, each and everyone of us can contribute to ensuring more newcomer leaders get a seat at the table. On this International Migrants’ Day, tell us how you want to take part by following the link in our stories!

#refugeeswelcome #Webelieveinnew #LeadTheChange #newcomerleadership #responsibleleadership
Support an #EmergingLeader!

Velos Youth, led by Emerging Leader '21 Mustafa Mohammed, has just launched #RentToRestartCampaign: an awareness and crowdfunding campaign to raise 4,800 Euros ($5,428.90) which will cover the rent for 8 young people in 2022 and provide young people with:
- access to secure accommodation
- support to find employment, save money and secure their own private accommodation
- all within 6 months!

Donate here:
As this year ends, we reflect on two events that have rung in new milestones for PLACE and our program Emerging Leaders: receiving the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and BMW Group’s Intercultural Innovation Award and our celebration of newcomer leadership, #LeadTheChange, which took place on Nov. 23.

Both the award and the event have confirmed that the time is now to accelerate newcomer leadership in the public sector. We call upon institutions, companies, CSOs and individuals to work together towards a common goal of fostering new embodiments of leadership and creating inclusive spaces and communities.

We are now ready to take this initiative to scale with our partners: in 2022, Emerging Leaders will become a full-fledged incubator for newcomer leaders, run by a consortium of institutions and companies that are dedicated to fostering the renewal of public leadership. We’d like to thank the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt for spearheading this consortium with us and invite you to join us as well!

We also thank the The German Marshall Fund of the United States and the European Coalition for their contributions in running the pilots and developing Emerging Leaders until now.

To let us know how you want to contribute to the acceleration of newcomer talent in public leadership, get in touch here:
"Nous avons donc voulu être proactifs et montrer que ces migrants pouvaient être de véritables actifs à la fois culturels, sociaux et économiques pour l’Europe."

Suite au #iiaward2021, décerné par l'United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) et le BMW Group, PLACE est dans INfluencia !