Learning Space

Les vrais entrepreneurs apprennent à apprendre tout le long de leur vie ! Prépare-toi pour cet atelier avec l’état d’esprit de quelqu’un qui souhaite affiner ses compétences et apprends, à partir des meilleures pratiques actuelles, à créer des projets innovatifs avec des fondations solides.

Les quelques questions du quiz en bas te permettent de voir si tu as tout compris. Si cela est le cas, tu est prêt.e pour l’atelier !!

Objectif : Créer un projet solide, basé sur la solution d’un problème réel
Compétences : problem-solving, innovation, pensée créative, orientation du projet

Become a problem-solver – Learning Space

Great entrepreneurs are life-long learners. Get ready for your challenge with the mindset of someone wanting to sharpen their skills and see from current business practices how to build a compelling narrative and use it to develop your project.

A few questions at the end allow you to see how you grasped it all. If you got it right, your chances of success in the challenge are high!!

Objective: Shape the story around your project and share it with potential users
Skills: Storytelling, pitching, networking

PLACE TV: introduction au workshop


What guides us in making the right choices when designing a service or a product? The knowledge that we have of our users. Get to know them well!!

watch time about 1′

Working backwards to solve problems

Chess champion and Grand Master Maurice Ashley shares how the best problem solvers get the results they want by working backwards

watch time 5’56”

The core of innovation is problem solving

When working in innovation it is very easy to jump to a solution, but if it doesn’t solve a problem it won’t be successful – find out why

watch time 2’19”

Creative thinking – how to get out of the box and generate ideas

Giovanni Corazza of the Marconi Institute of Creativity shares how we can generate creative ideas with a few simple questions

watch time 13’38”

Why ask “Why?” – And the important questions

Questions can transform and advance each one of us. Mandekh encourages us to flip ideas on their heads by asking questions to ultimately be better informed and invoke change

watch time 17’58”

Our approach to innovation is dead wrong

Reminders of a few theoretical & practical facts about body language

watch time 9’48”

Creating How Might We Statements

Give your project a clear direction with a How Might We Statement – a leading innovation tool

watch time 1’42”

The art of giving and receiving feedback

As an entrepreneur the most precisous investment you can receive is in the form of feedback.

reading time 1′

Find out how ready you are to take the challenge!