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Coming across as an emerging leader

Thank you for being an expert for PLACE, it’s fantastic to have you with us to promote migrant-led innovation.

As we prepare for the Expert Feedback Sprint we wanted to share some context on what happened during the immersive Challenge and what you can expect in your role as an expert!


What’s the context of the evaluation?

The participants went through a “Challenge” with PLACE: a 2.5-hour interactive learning experience online. As a roleplay, they were taking part in a bootcamp to get selected by The Right Livelihoods Award to feature in TIME Magazine. In order to be selected, they needed to produce a two-minute personal introduction, presenting themselves as an emerging leader.

The personal introductions will be presented LIVE during the Expert Feedback Sprint. Following each presentation, you will provide feedback – what worked, what can be improved, and any tips you may have to ensure they can make an empowered first impression in the future. You will have 2 minutes to provide your feedback orally directly to the participant, and in front of the group.

The brief for the roleplay scenario


What type of feedback should you be giving as an expert

Each participant will have two-minutes to make their personal introduction. During these two minutes the participants need to answer these questions in a clear articulated way: 

  1. What is your desired impact? In other words, What are you looking to transform in the long run? 
  2. Why should we follow you? In other words, what makes you the right person/leader?

In addition to answering these questions, you should be observing the following elements: 

  • Self-awareness (i.e. does their sense of empathy and motivation come across in their presentation? Do they embody leadership qualities needed to achieve what they are working towards?)
  • Clarity of goal (i.e. is what they are trying to achieve, and how they plan on achieving it clear? Are they using SMART goal methodology?)
  • Presentation (i.e. Does their engagement with the audience make consistent focus on them easy? Are they up to codes (rules, dress code, formality, presence)?

While giving feedback, we encourage you to be as detailed as possible. We recommend sharing two things that you liked/they did well and two things they can improve for the future. Your feedback is so valuable!

The expert brief that they participants watched during the immersive Challenge