For PLACE, 2019 was a year that transformed the insights of an experiment into the foundation of something that can spark a systems-level change. The newcomers that trusted PLACE with their growth were an essential part of this transformation. Here is a snapshot of the diverse community of leaders and innovators we had the pleasure of working with in 2019: 


To discover how they grew with PLACE we invite you to dive into the PLACE Zoom on 2019. The in-depth analysis of our ongoing experimentation on the intersection of migration and innovation and how we as a system can enable these worlds to merge naturally. Featuring data, insights and stories, the PLACE Zoom on 2019 shares the outputs and inputs of this ever evolving project.


For the larger world, 2019 felt like a wake-up call. Global challenges are being felt more intensely and the need for change is becoming more apparent. The solutions we need are possible and the leaders we need to carry them are out there. But in order to access these leaders, we need new systems – systems where newcomers can create, innovate and lead. 

In 2020 PLACE will continue to play its role in shaping these new systems. Working alongside actors from across sectors, PLACE will continue to create new entry points for newcomers to create, lead and inspire – not just in the newcomer talent pool, but across networks and inside leading organizations. Thank you to all who participated in the adventure that was 2019, we are thrilled to keep creating, innovating and changing the migrant narrative with you in 2020.