Learning can happen whenever you want, wherever you want








The acquisition of future of work skills can only truly be done in an environment that anticipates the nature of our changing work dynamics. Thanks to mobile technology, far-reaching internet connectivity and adaptable management tools, the geographical and physical barriers of the workplace are quickly coming down. 

PLACE’s programs are all based on a blended-learning model that balances online and offline learning in order to accelerate skill acquisition in practice. In addition to in-person learning experiences, the Catalysts have access to on-demand content through a digital learning space, designed by PLACE, that brings together the richness of contents produced by a variety of cutting-edge institutions and communities. The on-demand content allows the Catalysts to understand the concepts and tools that will be applied during the practice-based learning sessions that are held both on and offline. 

PLACE will be launching its online learning space on April 7th, 2020 for the Catalysts of the Emerging Leaders program. Launched during the unprecedented time of COVID-19, the capacity to learn, connect and work online is more important than ever. The online learning space will continue to be a pivotal part of the Catalyst’s learning experience for the entirety of their time with PLACE. Watch this space as Catalysts showcase how they grow through “challenges”, PLACE’s new format for growing and showcasing newcomer skills!