NaTakallam, bridging distributed workforces and displaced populations 

Distributed workforces, increasingly intercultural teams and growing rates of displaced populations – these are the three trends that gave birth to NaTakallam.

NaTakallam is a language teaching program that has harnessed the challenges and disruptive trends of our shifting economies and turned them into an opportunity. 

Through an entirely online classroom, NaTakallam offers language learning programs delivered by refugees and displaced persons. The teachers, based around the world, apply their advanced language skills and natural capacity to adapt to provide language services, including: translation, online language teaching and tutoring, as well as cultural exchange sessions.

To date, displaced persons have self-generated over $700,000 through NaTakallam, connecting with over 6000 unique users in 90+ countries. As a response to a growing market need they turned a displaced population into an agile workforce – simply put, they turned migration into an opportunity.