Need stronger territories? Invest in inclusive leadership

“It is a fact: territories must attract new talent if they want to maintain their attractiveness. I say “talent” and not “diplomas”. The first does not always mean the second. It is clear that today we are not giving every person a chance to grow into their full potential” (Thierry Déau, CEO & Founder of Meridiam, at the PLACE Graduation Party, December 2017) 

Meridiam invests to make communities stronger. With large-scale projects across the globe, Meridiam finances, builds and delivers sustainable infrastructure projects that will become the foundation for economic and social growth in over 20 countries. However, Meridiam CEO & Founder, Thierry Déau understands that the true key to igniting long-term resilient communities is an equal investment in the diverse leaders of the communities Meridiam is serving. That is why In 2016 he created the Archery Fund for Inclusive Leadership.

Archery has been an engaged PLACEmaker since the start of the collective. In late 2016 the PLACE pilot in Paris was made possible through the private-public collaboration of Archery, the Mairie de Paris and Wow!Labs. Since 2016, this dynamic collaboration has continued to be nourished by meaningful encounters between the PLACE community and Archery and Meridiam teams.

In June 2017 at the Théâtre de l’Odéon, Erwan, the Chief of Staff for Thierry Déau and financial analyst for Meridam, joined as a Lab mentor. Throughout the day he learned first hand about the projects being developed by PLACE Innovators. Here he is exchanging with Thoeiba, an early PLACE Innovator who since became a PLACE Catalyst, a doctor from Khartoum specialized in TB and HIV prevention, developing her project “Health for All”.

In December 2017, Archery founder, Thierry Déau, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and Charlotte Hochman, co-founder of Wow!Labs led the PLACE Graduation at Le CentQuatre-Paris. The 40 newcomers of PLACE’s Paris pilot shared their innovative solutions and their vision for the future of migrant-led-innovation in Europe.  

In January and February 2018, “Double Portrait” a collective artistic project made in collaboration by Manifesto, Tina Merandon, Wow!Labs and PLACE dawned the halls of the Meridiam office at Place d’Opéra. During the expo, PLACE Catalyst, Nour, shared her story of capturing her complex identity through multi-media art. 

In September 2019, PLACE Catalyst Benyamin met his mentor, Ginette, a risk specialist from Meridiam. Ginette brings her capacity for risk identification and impeccable project management to the development of Benyamin’s project Techné – a crowdfunding platform that aims to enable new directors and ideas to emerge in the world of  independent cinema .