Why did someone from Unilever become a PLACE mentor?

Through the breadth of their many international brands, Unilever has the opportunity to act on many global challenges. Dove: body image. Axe: masculinity. Lipton: sustainable supply chains. 

In comes Ben & Jerry’s, a highly-engaged brand in the Unilever portfolio that acts on subjects ranging from climate change to the right to work of asylum seekers. Ben & Jerry’s, a PLACEmaker, leads the creation of the Ice Academy in Europe, a unique initiative that mixes access to employment and entrepreneurship in a dynamic, multi-sectoral program that runs in partnership with PLACE. Through the Ice Academy, Unilever employees have the opportunity to engage on the question of migration and the private sector’s role in the economic integration of newcomers.   

Personally engaged on the question of migration, Nancy, a Junior Communications Manager at Unilever France,  was thrilled by the opportunity to become a mentor with PLACE through the Ice Academy. After building her skills in intercultural communication and innovation coaching through PLACE’s module “Become The Mentor You Want To Be”, she has been working alongside PLACE Catalyst, Serge since May 2019.  

When asked what the opportunity to become a mentor with PLACE has brought her, Nancy reflected on the enthusiasm Serge has shared through their work sessions and the design methodology she has acquired and simply answered “wisdom and joy”.