With our rapidly changing systems, it is only natural that the leaders within these systems need to change as well. The World Economic Forum looked into the leadership models that we need to guide work forces through the fourth industrial revolution – and they discovered an overwhelming demand and need for moral leadership. Here is what they found:


of people who work for moral leaders say they are inspired to contribute their best efforts


of managers and executives get any training in dealing with moral issues in today’s workforce.


of managers consistently demonstrate the behaviours of moral leadership

But, what are the characteristics of moral leadership, you may ask?


Developing the capacity of others 

Being mission driven 

Building freedom and trust in teams

Complex decision making 

Transparent project and people management 

Having a consistent and honest public image 

Source: World Economic Forum

At PLACE, we couple the need for moral leadership with the equally important need for more diverse leadership. When migrant and refugee leaders are equipped with the codes and skills for moral leadership, we create leaders who can accelerate the companies, teams and communities they represent. Through all our programs, migrants and refugees acquire the skills for moral leadership and influence other newcomers to do the same. Interested to see the results? You can see how strong moral leaders from newcomer communities have grown through PLACE in 2017, 2018 and 2019 in our annual publications the Zoom on PLACE.